The Soho Theatre: Session 1

It was great seeing you all tonight. I’m excited to see the kinds of things you produce. Here’s a recap of what Nina asked for tonight:

  • a list (bullet points or scratched out thoughts) based upon the writing exercise about the themes you might want to explore; and
  • a list of the types of stories you might want to tell

The list of story types:

  • Text Adventure: using the ADRIFT software, you would use a script, images and the software tool to create a text-only adventure for the computer
  • Distributed Documentary: using pre-defined story elements, you would create a framework for a story and then we’ll spend our time out and about in London “filling in the blanks” using FlipCams and your still digital cameras (and audio recorders if you have them)’
    • Lost Zombies: The site’s producers have created a framework for a story and they are asking individuals to contribute scenes to their work
  • The Lonely Girl: a completely closed-scripted story and interactive website with all the materials created by you (video, audio, script, text)
  • The World Without Oil: An open-ended, interactive website and community with some pre-defined elements created by you and some community building to promote what you have done
  • The Object Remix: A re-cutting of material that already exists to reshape it – or re-cutting something that exists and encouraging a reproduction of it.
    • Star Wars Uncut: Here is the Star Wars fan site where thousands of people are re-shooting Star Wars IV: A New Hope

Videos from class:

For Further Reading:


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