Graduate Assistantships

The Department of Journalism has filled its graduate assistantships for the 2015-2016 school year. However, students are encouraged to apply for any BSU graduate assistantship. Students should apply early as decisions are based upon needs, prerequisite skills, and availability.

Students should also be aware that graduate assistantships oftentimes come open during each semester as needs arise across the university. We will post specific positions sent to us.


While students aren’t able to apply for specific G.A. positions, here is a general overview of the assistantships offered in the Department of Journalism.

  • The EMDD GSD GAs will have two responsibilities: research and work directly with the EMDD Graduate Studies Directors, and work within the EMDD Labs
  • The Journ GSD GA will have responsibilities designated by the Journalism Graduate Studies director. This may include promotional and administrative work for the graduate program, as well as work in the Writing Center
  • The Chair GA will have responsibilities designed by the department chair, and may include administrative, promotional, or clerical duties associated with the administration of the department
  • The Department GA will have responsibilities associated with the administration and clerical work associated with P-in-Rs (poster creation, promotion, logistics), and responsibilities with the administration of Assessment (the exit interviews).
  • The Computer Lab GA will have responsibilities associated with the staffing, administration, and equipment checkout in the department computer lab
  • The Workshops GA will have responsibilities that include outreach, administration, and staffing for the journalism workshops
  • The Inglehart Scholars GA will have responsibilities associated with the administration and development of projects with the Ingelhart Scholars program
  • The Schranz Lecture GA will have responsibilities associated with the planning, development, and staffing of the department’s yearly Schranz lecture series.
  • The Research GAs will be designated on a semester-by-semester basis to faculty working on scholarly and creative endeavors.