The M.A. in Emerging Media Design & Development (EMDD) is a lab-based graduate program (One-page PDF) that is built upon three main pillars:

  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI): This area teaches students usability methods for testing and building that enable you to build user-friendly digital (and sometime physical) items;
  • Design Thinking: This area teaches students how to extract information from large groups so that you can identify hard-to-find problems and generate directed solutions; and
  • Transmedia Storytelling: This area teaches students how to build cross-platform products that engage end users.

We believe these three pillars are the foundation for working in the modern world where you must team with multidisciplinary groups in order to solve big problems.

Our students will come from both creative backgrounds (English, journalism, theater, graphic design, photography, TV/film) and technology backgrounds (programmers, Web designers, animators)

What makes our program distinct is that it’s a hands-on, practical experience built around research and application. Our students will spend one year in course work, and the second year working in one of our two labs. The Creative Projects lab students will work with community partners to create digital stories, which may include interactive installation projects, multimedia websites, or interactive books (just to name a few of our first projects. The Applied Research Lab students will perform usability and user experience and research to better understand how innovations in digital storytelling engage audiences.

The program will focus attracting cohorts with a variety of backgrounds, including those with either technical or creative skills.

  • The first year of graduate study focuses on building a solid theoretical foundation, helping students learn to identify and address communication design goals and challenges (e.g., news, information, strategic communication, transmedia storytelling) through interaction design.
  • The second year of graduate work leads student groups through the application of that knowledge to real-world problems in partnership with clients in the community, non-profit organizations, state agencies, and other partners.

These applied research and creative projects will be done in collaboration with outside partners and, whenever possible, funded through external grants, partnerships, and sponsorships. The mission is to develop graduates who are able to apply research and rigorous design thinking to solve real-world problems related to strategic communication design and development in Indiana and the surrounding region.

Five Ways to Enroll