Year One

Students begin their study with the three EMDD foundation courses, which teach the basic principles in Design Thinking, Human-Computer Interaction, and Transmedia Storytelling.

Fall Semester

  • EMDD 600 Usability & Evaluation Research Methods
  • EMDD 620 Emerging Media & Design Thinking (3)
  • EMDD 640 Transmedia Storytelling and Publishing (3)

In the second semester begins the transition from coursework to the labs and final projects. Students will develop their project proposal and literature review chapter, while developing long-term projects for the EMDD Lab.

Spring Semester

  • EMDD 610 Theories & Frameworks in Human-Computer Interaction (3)
  • EMDD 630: EMDD Seminar (3)
  • EMDD 650 Interactive Media Design & Development (3)

 Year Two

Students have two responsibilities in the second year. They will be assigned a lab project team in which they will work with one of the external project partners, and they will complete their individual Thesis and/or Creative Project work. The actual coursework will be assigned by the graduate studies director at the end of Year One based upon the student’s project proposal and lab partner work.

  • EMDD 660 Applied Research Lab (3-6 hours) paired with THES 698 Thesis (6 hours)
  • EMDD 670 Creative Projects & Development Lab (3-6 hours) paired CRPRJ 698 Creative Project (3-6 hours)

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