Year One

Part-time students will take two courses each semester. The first semester focuses on two important components of Emerging Media Design & Development: Human-Computer Interaction and Design Thinking.

Fall Semester

  • EMDD 600 Usability & Evaluation Research Methods (3)
  • EMDD 620 Emerging Media & Design Thinking (3)

The second semester for part-time students is structured around understanding the big picture in Emerging Media Design & Development. In particular, students will understand the frameworks for development and usability testing, and the types of projects that EMDD can produce.

Spring Semester

  • EMDD 610 Theories & Frameworks in Human-Computer Interaction (3)
  • EMDD 630: EMDD Seminar (3)

Summer Semester

The third semester is when part-time students will focus on developing their literature review chapter, finishing their final project proposal, and learning how to identify and shape projects.

  • EMDD 640 Transmedia Storytelling and Publishing (3)
  • EMDD 650 Interactive Media Design & Development (3)

Year Two

Students have two responsibilities in the second year. They will be assigned a lab project team in which they will work with one of the external project partners, and they will complete their individual Thesis and/or Creative Project work. The actual coursework will be assigned by the graduate studies director at the end of Year One based upon the student’s project proposal and lab partner work.

  • EMDD 660 Applied Research Lab (3-6 hours) paired with THES 698 Thesis (6 hours)
  • EMDD 670 Creative Projects & Development Lab (3-6 hours) paired CRPRJ 698 Creative Project (3-6 hours)

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