Real World Design Challenges

Students in Ball State's Center for Emerging Media Design & Development graduate program
use design thinking strategies, user-centered design, and transmedia storytelling to
solve real world problems for professional clients



The first graduating cohort of EMDD students had their work featured in a showcase for faculty, community members, and prospective employers on May 1, 2017.


EMDD Graduate
Student Research

Students in the Center for Emerging Media Design & Development
contribute to academia and enhance the fields of human-computer
interaction, design thinking, and transmedia storytelling


EMDD Students Invited to Vatican to Launch Global World Water Day Design Challenge, #MyWaterStory

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What is EMDD

The Center for Emerging Media Design & Development is the home for Ball State University’s storytelling lab and master’s degree designed for the 21st century. The center is a holistic learning environment that pairs a traditional graduate curriculum (Year 1: theory, methods, and particularistic courses) with a hands-on lab experience (Year 2: creative project and research labs) in which students work with public and private partners to solve real problems.

Design thinking is a user-centered approach to problem solving. It is a toolkit of iterative processes that include different methods for research, ideation, prototyping, and testing.

Going past visual design, HCI focuses on how people use technology. Going from theory to methods, students learn how to both build and test user interfaces.

Also known as multi platform or cross platform, transmedia storytelling is a technique that spreads a single experience across different digital technologies, even integrating digital content with live events.

Apply to EMDD

We are excited that the skillfully designed curriculum of Ball State’s new MA in EMDD program will prepare students for exciting careers in digital storytelling through deep dives into practical application in the Creative Programs and Applied Research Labs.

Beth Perdue OutlandVice President of Community Engagement, and Strategic Innovation, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

The most sought-after and successful media professionals are innovators who understand how to research, report, design, and disseminate information across multiple platforms and media channels. They know how to test and implement new ideas quickly. Producing these types of workers begins in the academy, and Ball State’s program is designed to give its students the emerging media skills they need to define the future of mass communication.

J. Carl GanterCofounder and Director, Circle of Blue

We are excited about this new, innovative master’s program and the potential to expand our already strong collaboration with Ball State and its students. The real world experience the program provides will prepare students for exciting careers in digital storytelling—a role that is growing in importance in the museum field and beyond.

Jennifer HollandDirector of Digital Communications, Indianapolis Children's Museum

EMDD Projects

The Center for Emerging Media Design and Development has ongoing partnerships with a number of prominent organizations interested in collaborating on digital media projects. These projects are often supported by external grants and sponsorships.

Elicit continued engagement and connection to the ISO classical series through a transmedia experience containing both digital and physical spaces that targets an audience of non-musicians, despite a lack of interest in the series.

Reenvision the Professor Garfield content and organizational architecture to position the site as the leading voice in digital literacy education.

The Blue Roots Project is a transmedia experience and design challenge that prompts audiences from around the world to create and share stories related to water in their lives and communities.

Success Quest is a game that uses a mix of events and challenges that explore key themes and leverage existing community resources to help high schoolers prepare for adult life.