The concept of marketing has been around for as long as humans have been crafting goods and providing services. Marketing techniques have been used as a way to capture the attention of a target audience but, as channels of communication shift, consumer attention is shifting with it, prompting marketers to explore new techniques for promoting their goods and services. Non-traditional techniques like Guerilla marketing and transmedia branding use new media to better capture the attention of audiences and consumers.

Connection Corner is a branch of the Muncie Public Library (MPL) located in the Whitely Community in Muncie, Ind. It was originally founded as a paperless library branch dedicated to 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and experiential learning. Connection Corner also has one of two makerspaces the in Muncie Public Library system that aims to connect people to resources such as computers, up-to-date software, STEM education games and much more. The mission of the MPL makerspaces is to provide a comfortable space for all persons to be creative and productive.

Although  MPL has a wide variety of audiences ranging from children to adults, only a small percentage of the adult Muncie community use the tools and technology that both makerspaces offer. The aim of my creative project is to create a transmedia branding campaign targeted at 20-35-year-olds by combining techniques from transmedia storytelling and guerilla marketing to raise awareness and show the value of MPL makerspaces.

This project will go through four distinct phases of research, development, testing and implementation using a human-centered approach known as design thinking. During the research phase, semi-structured interviews will be conducted to inform an understanding of the needs and values of 20-35-year-olds as it relates to makerspaces. Observational research will be conducted in both MPL makerspaces to understand how the locations are used. This research will influence the development phase where prototyping sessions will take place with key stakeholders such as the MPL staff, current audience members and prospective audience members. Together stakeholders will create low and medium fidelity prototypes of a transmedia branding campaign. Then, prototypes generated in the development phase will be tested and a final transmedia branding campaign plan will be submitted to the MPL.

This project will contribute to the ongoing discussions and exploration of new forms of marketing by examining how transmedia branding and guerilla marketing can converge to create a novel approach to non-traditional marketing. This project also addresses ways in which transmedia branding and guerilla marketing can be evaluated and sustainable.

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