Transmedia Storytelling

How to Create a Transmedia Storyworld

  • Jared Lynch from the Symphony Project team gave a presentation about how he developed the Storyworld for Remix the Symphony. This presentation is the result of consulting many different sources and combining them into one cohesive guide.

Killing the Symphony So It Can Life: A Case Study in Applying Punk Ethos to Classical Music

  • Erin Bretz, Jared Lynch, and Sean May wrote a case study about the development of the Symphony Project for the national Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference. It was accepted into the conference and they will be presenting their paper in April 2017.

Usability & Testing

Paper Prototype Testing and Data Analysis

  • Sean May and Erin Bretz from the Symphony Project team collaborated with an undergraduate class to test paper prototypes of a possible website. This presentation was created to show how they used the data given to them and what can be gained from paper prototyping.

Brand Development and Testing for Remix the Symphony

  • Emily Cornetet and Elise Lockwood developed this presentation to pitch the brand and style of their project to their partner – the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. The testing their project team did was meant to show the ISO that even though Remix the Symphony was outside of their comfort zone, the team had found that it met the project’s needs and was well-received by potential users.

Design Thinking

The Empathy Toolbox

Things Will Get Messed Up Sometimes: A Few Lessons in Failure

  • The entire Symphony Project team prepared a presentation about what they learned in their first year of using design thinking. It is divided up into separate lessons aimed at helping Cohort 2 avoid some of the same mistakes.

Project Updates

Professor Garfield Update – Fall 2016

  • In October 2016, the Professor Garfield team gave an update on how they would be developing a new digital literacy tool for PAWS, Inc.