Getting Your Project Approved

EMDD graduate students are required to complete a creative project and/or thesis prior to graduating. In order to begin your work, you must both:

  1. write a 10-15 page project proposal (Title, Abstract, Intro, Lit Review, Methodology, Discussion); and
  2. write the 1-page topic approval form, which must be submitted to the graduate school by your advisor.

In this program, you will begin working on your Literature Review and your Project Proposal in the second semester (the summer session if you are a part-time student). This will put ensure that you have plenty of time to work on your final project. However, you must have both completed before you can begin taking classes in the Applied Research and Creative Projects labs.

Approval Forms

  • A thesis (6 hrs.) is a formally prepared original study showing that the student possesses the ability to address successfully a genuine emerging media, transmedia, strategic communication design, educational, or journalistic problem and to employ proper historical or behavioral research methods to draw valid and significant conclusions from the data collected.
  • A creative research project (3 or 6 hrs.)or professional project, is evidence of superior technique and scholarship in emerging media, transmedia storytelling, design thinking, user experience design, strategic communication design or journalism.

Completing Your Work

  1. You will need to apply for graduation very early in your final semester. Please note the dates on the Graduate School’s page.
  2. Then you must make sure you meet your final DEADLINES FOR SUBMITTING YOUR WORK. In order to graduate, you must have your final thesis and/or creative project approved and submitted one month before graduation.
  3. Your thesis and creative project must be submitted to the graduate school using the university’s template. This is a specific, rigorous guide. Failure to format your work will mean your project is rejected. Pay attention to the guide: Graduate School Thesis Guide
  4. Once your work is complete, you will need to make sure your advisor and committee have signed off on the proper forms.